Michael Priddle 1947 – 2011 RIP

I miss this lovely man every time I think of my time at Hastings Art College (1974-75 Industrial & Technical Graphics). He was a very special guy and a great teacher. Too gentle for this world.

Ian Beck

I had one of those awful e mails a week or so ago, the name of an old Art School friend was shown as the sender, followed by the words ‘sad news’. I sat looking at it wth a sinking heart. I opened the three or so other e mails in the inbox first. I wanted to put off the evil moment for as long as possible. I have lost so many close friends in the past few years. This is one of the hideous truths of entering the zone of late middle / early old age. Your friends start dying off around you. In this case the friend was Michael Priddle.  I had known him well since we had both gone to saturday morning painting classes for children in the old Brighton Art School building on Grand Parade. He was a middle class Grammar School boy, I was working…

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