The Death And Rebirth of Living Room Hifi

Great piece on Hifi systems and the reprise of Vynil


I’ve been loving my favourite audio shop for the last couple of weekends in particular.

Soundstage in Cockfosters have treated me well in recent times, helping me upgrade my speakers (KEF), CD player and amp (both Arcam). However to use the modern parlance, they’ve taken it to the next level.

On Saturday 9 July, they hosted a special in-store vinyl day showing off their new reference system. And man, what a system.


A combination of the Rega RP10 deck with the Naim amplifiers and the B&W speakers added up to a £50k drop. There are perhaps prettier systems out there (such as the Linn Timorous Beasties speakers featured in the ) or some with more of a retro appeal. In terms of sound, this set-up would take some beating. Soundstage have blogged about it themselves here.

IMG_0903 Here we go: Bowers and Wilkins 802 D3 Speakers (£12,500), Rega RP10 Record…

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